Our Yoga Classes

Dynamic Flow

Pretty much all our classes are dynamic flow - all we mean by this is that we’ll keep you moving! We’ll flow from pose to pose, maybe play with a couple of challenging or advanced shapes, and build up a sweat on the way; but we trust our teachers to keep a close eye on the mood and energy levels in the room. Some of our team offer a slightly more physically challenging practice, others keep it light and flowy - check out our teachers page for a little of what to expect!

Back to Basics

A strong but slow class usually focussing on one theme, pose, body part or movement to give you a solid and in depth grounding for your practice. If you’re a newbie this is a great place to start but if you’ve been practising a while and want to refine something these classes are also for you; check out our Instagram and Facebook to see what the focus of the week is.


Yin yoga is a quiet, floor-based practice working deeply into the body. Expect to hold passive poses for a few minutes at a time to target the fascial networks, ligaments and joints rather than the muscles. Yin yoga is a bridge between a physical asana practice and meditation and is a great way to improve flexibility, concentration, and sleep.


A powerful class focusing on breath, body and mind awareness. You will work through a dynamic asana sequence, sometimes gently flowing and sometimes holding longer and stiller. Classes will draw from the philosophical and energetic themes of traditional hatha yoga to harmonise and balance the physical and energetic bodymind.

Yoga for Pregnancy

A calming yoga class designed specifically for pregnant women. Including standing and seated sequences, controlled stretching, and mindfulness practices - suitable for women with any or no yoga experience from week 12 of their pregnancy. 

Kids Yoga

A playful introduction to yoga in this children’s yoga class -suitable for ages 6 to 10. The practice has so many benefits for children - improving left and right brain co-ordination and balance; promoting fitness, strength and flexibility; boosting self-confidence; relaxing the nervous system, reducing stress and anxiety; improving concentration; building co-operation through partner and group poses and non-competitive games; breathing and self-soothing techniques - but most of all, the children will have fun learning different aspects of yoga in a nurturing and creative space!


Want to dive in a little deeper? Keep an eye on the ‘events’ tab for details of our two hour workshops with in-house and guest teachers; give yourself a little more time to explore a pose, an idea, or just to wind down more deeply.