Our Yoga Classes

Dynamic Flow

Pretty much all our classes are dynamic flow - all we mean by this is that we’ll keep you moving! We’ll flow from pose to pose, maybe play with a couple of challenging or advanced shapes, and build up a sweat on the way; but we trust our teachers to keep a close eye on the mood and energy levels in the room. Some of our team offer a slightly more physically challenging practice, others keep it light and flowy - check out our teachers page for a little of what to expect!

Back to Basics

A strong but slow class usually focussing on one theme, pose, body part or movement to give you a solid and in depth grounding for your practice. If you’re a newbie this is a great place to start but if you’ve been practising a while and want to refine something these classes are also for you; check out our Instagram and Facebook to see what the focus of the week is.


Yin yoga is a quiet, floor-based practice working deeply into the body. Expect to hold passive poses for a few minutes at a time to target the fascial networks, ligaments and joints rather than the muscles. Yin yoga is a bridge between a physical asana practice and meditation and is a great way to improve flexibility, concentration, and sleep.


Want to dive in a little deeper? Keep an eye on the ‘events’ tab for details of our two hour workshops with in-house and guest teachers; give yourself a little more time to explore a pose, an idea, or just to wind down more deeply.