Our Yoga Classes

Open Vinyasa Flow 60 minutes

It denotes a strong and supple yoga flow, where breath work and subtle yogic philosophy are common themes.

All levels welcome.

Dynamic Flow

Think Vinyasa Flow with longer & stronger holds, and more sweat.

Suitable for those who have been practicing for 6 months+

Back to Basics

A strong but steady class, which breaks down posture alignment. It follows a Vinyasa Flow style & caters to beginners. More experienced yogis are also welcome, and will be challenged as multiple asana-variations are offered.

A great place to start your yoga journey.

Open Vinyasa Flow 90 minutes

You will be guided through an inspirational practice grounded in healthy movement patterns.  Expect to breathe, sweat and smile, moving through flowing sequences to mobilise, strengthen, warm and open body, mind, heart and soul, creating a meditative dance to the music of the breath, and from movement finding stillness.  Class includes practices drawn from all eight limbs of Patanjali's yoga to inform and support the development of an awareness, presence and clarity to take with you into daily life.

All levels welcome.

Flow & Restore

The first half of the class is Vinyasa Flow and the second half is Restorative. Prepare to be challenged before ending with a deep relaxation.

All levels welcome.

Slow Flow

A slow paced Vinyasa Flow class with influences from Forrest Yoga.

All levels welcome.

Donation Class

Come and reap the benefits of a hearty Vinyasa Flow practice on whatever your budget will allow. Recommended donation £5-£10. Coming Soon.

Yoga Brunch

One weekend a month FOLD. will offer a delicious & wholesome homemade Brunch after our Sunday morning class. For non-members the cost is £30.00 / head for Yoga & Brunch. 

Regular Sunday members can join the breakfast after the class for an additional £18.00/ head. Coming Soon.


Themed monthly workshops with our guest teachers. Coming soon!