What to expect

Vinyasa yoga is a dynamic and challenging practice. That’s why we love it.

Never tried yoga before? No interest in chanting, chakras, or knitting your own yoghurt? Don’t worry. At FOLD., we mainly offer what we refer to as ‘dynamic yoga’ - this means, in a nutshell, that you can expect to move a fair bit during class! Each teacher has their own style but we trust our team to keep an eye on the bodies in the room and guide a class that everyone will find interesting, soothing, and sweaty all at once. We’d suggest that you try as many classes as possible to find one you enjoy!

When you show up for your first class, we recommend wearing comfortable, supportive clothing - most women wear leggings and a tank top, most men turn up in shorts and a t shirt, but you do you. Tell the teacher it’s your first time and let him/her know if you have any injuries or medical conditions they need to know about. You’ll be led through an hour long class which will usually kick off with a warm up, a series of poses that flow into one another, some more static poses, and a relaxation at the end. If something doesn’t make sense, ask the teacher or ping us an email. It usually takes newbies a few sessions to settle into the rhythm of a yoga class - it’s absolutely fine to not know what’s going on, to need to rest at any point, or to fall over (try to avoid taking your neighbour out with you).

All our classes are open level so you’re welcome in any one of them. But if you’re nervous, we run regular beginners’ workshops (see ‘events’) and a Wednesday evening Back to Basics class with Rosie. Attending any of those will teach you the fundamentals and then you can dive on in! We can’t wait to welcome you.